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Brigitte Roka is an illustrator and designer from Los Angeles. She is an ACCD graduate whose first art book was picked up by Stuart NG while she was still a student. Brigitte works primarily within the music industry, her most recent projects being for Alex Lifeson of Rush, drum virtuoso Marco Minnemann and rock supergroup The Aristocrats. Brigitte is the creator of Sonarium, a fantasy series inspired by her life as a recording artist and touring musician. She’s been hard at work on the project since the release of her last Sonarium art book, and will premiere some of the new content exclusively at Lightbox Expo! Brigitte’s work is heavily inspired by marine life, Slavic folklore, astronomy and the study of cymatics. In her free time she likes to visit new places around the world, from Moscow to French Polynesia, for inspiration and expanding her visual library. Her logo features her favorite animal, the manta ray